VASSCM system at Noi Bai: Enterprises save about 2.5 hours/consignment

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VASSCM system at Noi Bai: Enterprises save about 2.5 hours/consignment

VASSCM system at Noi Bai: Enterprises save about 2.5 hours/consignment


The survey results of enterprises on time and costs when implementing the automated customs management and supervision system (VASSCM) at Noi Bai International Airport showed the time and cost of implementing customs supervision procedures for goods being taken in and out from the customs supervision area was significantly reduced.


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For enterprises operating import-export and logistics (customs brokers), per the survey results, enterprises said that by deploying the VASSCM system, they could save about 2.5 hours per consignment on average when importing goods through Noi Bai international airport. The time for implementing procedures of confirming goods through the supervision area fell by an average of 1.2 hour/shipment and the time for implementing procedures with a unit operating the warehouse to take out the goods out from warehouse reduced by an average of 1.32 hour per shipment.

In terms of costs, 90% of surveyed enterprises said the implementation of the VASSCM system helped firms to reduce costs of implementing import and export procedures compared to before the system.

Regarding the benefits the VASSCM system brought to businesses, 91% of enterprises in the survey said the system helped simplify dossiers and procedures for taking goods into/out of warehouses/customs supervision areas.

82% of enterprises said the VASSCM system helped reduce the time of preparing dossiers for giving to the warehouse and yard enterprises to implement procedures for taking goods in/out of the warehouse. The average time saved by enterprises in the process of preparing dossiers was 0.83 hours.

82% of enterprises surveyed said the system helped to cut the cost of preparing dossiers.

73% of enterprises in the survey said VASSCM helped enterprises to take the initiative in time when carrying out procedures with enterprises operating warehouse and yard (regardless of the time of administrative working time of the customs authority due to the system worked 24/7).

73% of enterprises said the automated customs supervision and management system helped to reduce costs of loading, unloading, transporting, storing import and export goods at warehouses and yards.

91% of businesses said the system helped to reduce the time for implementing procedures for cargo clearance.

82% of enterprises said the system helped reduce management costs (printing, storage costs, personnel costs).

73% of firms participating in the survey said that the VASSCM system helped reduce the costs of implementing goods import and export procedures.

In addition, logistics enterprises providing customs broker service said the VASSCM system helped businesses improve productivity and service quality for customers.

Benefits for many parties

For units operating warehouses and yards, the query and receipt of the information on the electronic system before loading and unloading imported goods from the means of transport into the warehouse or yard area has facilitated enterprises on the procedures, time, costs of loading and unloading goods brought into/out of the warehouse such as: taking the initiative in loading and unloading activities based on the pre-existing information provided from customs and airlines; proactively arranging the location of goods which subjected to inspection and proper scanning.

Regarding the benefits of implementing the VASSCM system for business activities of enterprises, the survey results showed the more convenient, timely and accurate information exchange and sharing helped to reduce management risks, and improve efficiency and labour productivity. In addition, management and supervision of goods entering/leaving/stored at warehouses and yards is more convenient, accurate and strict.

Besides that, cutting the time of implementing procedures for import and export goods: the time for receiving, processing dossiers and implementing procedures was reduced; the time for taken goods in/out of the warehouse/surveillance area was reduced; increase labour productivity, increase production and business efficiency (increase in sales, output of exploited goods).

According to the survey, the airlines said exchanging information on electronic systems instead of providing manual paper dossiers helped airlines save time, costs and manpower, helping improve high efficiency of business activities such as: being proactive in loading and unloading activities; saving time preparing documents, the exchange of information with Customs authorities and related parties was more convenient, timely and accurate, helping save time and reduce risks in management.

Previously, on September 29, 2020, the automated customs management and supervision system at Noi Bai international airport had been put into operation after more than two years of deploying pilot implementation. The automated customs management and supervision system connected all airports at Noi Bai international airport.


By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy



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